Monthly Archives: May 2021

Days out by bus in East Yorkshire

How do you travel on your days out? Do you have a car? Maybe you let the train take the strain? Or are you more of a bus fan?

I have teamed up with East Yorkshire Buses to show you how taking a bus can enhance your family day out.

I am a huge transport fan of all kinds, both private and public. I think that all forms of transport have their time and place, and they all certainly have their pros and cons. The transport I choose to use for a particular trip depends on a lot of factors, such as ease of parking, bus fare v petrol cost, and how much I feel like driving. Sometimes, I just can’t be doing with it!

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Burnby Hall Gardens, East Yorkshire

It’s been a while since we last visited Burnby Hall Gardens in East Yorkshire. We went there in 2013 and you can read our review here. I remember thoroughly enjoying our visit and thinking what a beautiful place it is and wondered why it had taken me so long to visit in the first place. Going back this week, I still feel exactly the same. There have been some improvements made but it is essentially, reassuringly, the same Burnby Hall Gardens I remember from 8 years ago.

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