Normanby Hall

A trip to Normanby Hall, Lincolnshire

Recently, my three younger children went to Normanby Hall in North Lincolnshire with their grandparents. I armed them with a camera and told them to tell me all about it when they got home.

This is the result, as told by my seven-year old.

Normanby Hall

There is a playground near the car park which has slides, swings and a climbing frame. Opposite the park are some toilets.

Normanby Hall

In an old stable there are some posh carriages that you can look at.

Normanby Hall

There is a duck pond not far from the house owned by the Sheffield family.


There is a little train that comes on the path next to the field to take people round the park.

Lilies at Normanby Hall

There are lots of pretty flowers to see.

Normanby HallThere are statues outside the hall.

Normanby Hall

In the hall there rooms that help you learn about the past.

Normanby Hall

Normanby Hall

You can dress up as a maid or butler.

Normanby Hall


There are some things to do in the hall.

Splash play area at Normanby Hall


There is a water park were you can splash and play.


When I went I found it quite interesting. There are also some gift shops in case you want to buy anything like sweets, pencils and keyrings.


Thank you to my super seven-year old for this fantastic review 

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