Amazonia, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Amazonia is a small visitor attraction on the promenade in Great Yarmouth. It is home to a variety of reptiles and similar critters.
It cost us £18 to get in (family ticket for 2 adults and 2 children – under 3s are free).
It is all one level and fairly easy to navigate.

Amazonia Great Yarmouth
There are lots of tanks around the room to nosy in. The creatures that live here include alligators, snakes, bearded dragons, turtles and tortoises, two meerkats, and a random guinea pig. Fascinating.
Amazonia Great Yarmouth
That’s about it really. It’s an intimate place and if you spend more than an hour in here you’ve got a serious interest in reptiles. It’s also really hot so probably not wise to spend too long anyway. It’s a perfectly good little attraction and a way of passing an hour with young children.

Amazonia Great Yarmouth
Amazonia Great Yarmouth
You can hold the reptiles and have a guided tour at an extra cost per person. We didn’t do this but it looked like a good, if not expensive, way of meeting the creatures up close.
When we were there, we got to see the alligator being fed. This is not a timed event and only happens if the alligator is in the mood but we got lucky. 
Amazonia Great Yarmouth
There are a couple of toilets and a huge gift shop/reception area with a vending machine for drinks.
Did we enjoy it? We did but we couldn’t do it again really as I suspect not much changes. Not cheap either for something that only takes an hour at most but yes, we did enjoy it. Recommended for young reptile fans. 

For more information, please visit their website
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