The Amelia Trust Farm is a small charity which employs 12 members of staff. For a charity employing so few, it does achieve so much, and is reliant on volunteers. The Trust does not receive core funding and the benefits of donations are clear. the charity supports the vulnerable and disadvantaged, and nothing rings more true than the statement “Growing up is different for everyone”.

The vision is to enable all kinds of people, young and old, to enjoy nature and learn. 

This was our first family trip to Amelia Trust Farm. Daddy and Squeaks had visited before and as soon as we drove up Squeaks began telling Tiny and Cheeky of exactly what to expect.
On arrival there is a fantastic park and picnic area. We parked up and whilst the boys were happy to sit and enjoy their surrounding at a picnic table, Squeaks went straight to work with her excess energy and climbing frames, swings and slides. The great thing about Amelia Trust Farm is that it is a “tourist attraction” so it is busy enough, and Squeaks was quickly being pursued/ in pursuit of a little boy named Jamie.
kids days out in wales
This meant the boys could have lots of one to one time with daddy on the swings, although help was soon at hand!
As a working farm you are reliant on the time of year as to where the livestock will be and also the levels of access.
We managed to see all of Squeaks’ favourites- from what she deems to be Squirrels.. to Daddy Pig!
family days out south wales
We saw “Peppa’s ducks” and reminisced about the chickens- I was surprised that Squeaks still remembered the chickens who lived in our garden in Yorkshire.
We had a fantastic day out, and probably could have spent a lot longer there, if I hadn’t only packed a meal for the boys!
I suspect we only saw a tiny percentage of what the Farm offers to visitors.
However, we loved every minute.
And I had to put Squeaks to bed with the promise of another farm in the morning(!!!).
The boys waved and made (appropriate) animal noises as we made our way round the farm.
And I dread can’t wait for the day all three little people are playing in the park and making their way around the farm…
kids days out in cardiff
For more information, please visit their website.

This review was written by Debbie – Mum to three, wife to a Yorkshire man, we moved to South Wales in 2011. It was my home for 20 years, and now I’m back with an entourage of under 4’s and a big kid. I spend my free time trying to show that our surroundings really do compete with the beauty of the Pennines. You can find my blog on family life, parenting and living at


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