A quick look at the Kalahari Elite 8

Review: Kalahari Elite 8 from Go Outdoors

We bought a Kalahari Elite 8 from Go Outdoors this year as an upgrade on our trusty Outwell Birdland 5. Mainly because as a family of six who aren’t getting any smaller, we needed more space.

A quick look at the Kalahari Elite 8

So far, it’s been great. I’m not an aficionado of tent quality so I can’t comment on that. Nor can I tell you if it’s going to last us very long – we’ve only taken it away twice so far this year.

What I can tell you is that it’s a great tent for a family of six. There are two bedrooms that can squeeze four people in each (or four rooms of two if you prefer).

The dimensions are:- 210cm high, 710cm long, 310cm wide.

It’s pretty easy to pitch – you peg it out and then insert five fibre glass poles. The bedrooms clip in with colour-coded clips, and can be put in or left out as you prefer.

The tent also contains lots of pockets, vents, and double-zip doors. It’s a great design and perfect for family camping holidays.

Check out this video for a quick tour of our Kalahari Elite 8.


There are currently over 70 reviews of the Kalahari Elite 8 on the Go Outdoors website, the majority of which are 5-stars. If you buy the tent with the footprint and the carpet, you can save money on all three items. We have both the footprint and the carpet and I well recommend them.

There is a porch to fit it but it always seems to be out of stock. If you can get hold of one, I recommend you do. It adds extra room for cooking or storing outdoor items like wellies.

Learn more about the Kalahari 8 from Go Outdoors

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We took our Kalahari Elite 8 to Andrewshayes Holiday Park

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  1. This looks really good – plenty of room for a large family! We bought the bundle when we bought our tent from GoOutdoors and it is well worth a bit of extra investment!

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