My Foursquare “achievements”.

“Congrats! You just unlocked the Newbie badge.”

In case you don’t recognise this, this is from Foursquare – the app and site where you can record your travels near or far, checking in wherever you go and leaving tips for other Foursquare users.

Foursquare has become a bit of an obsession now. I try and check in to as many places as I can (mobile phone coverage allowing) and have unlocked a few badges, including the adventurer badge, and the shutterbug badge.

Here’s a few that I would have unlocked if Foursquare made them available…..


Congrats! You unlocked The Losing Your Child at the Zoo badge.

Yes. Yes, I did. London Zoo to be precise. For about fifteen minutes. It was ok. She had one of those wristband ID tags on, and had the sense to go to the cafe and ask a member of staff for help, as instructed. Didn’t stop me having heart failure though.

London Zoo human turtle
Aw look. She’s so cherubic, and not AT ALL prone to going missing.
 Congrats! You earned the Walk of Shame badge.


Yep. Major twin toddler meltdown as I dare to suggest we get back in the pushchair to go home whilst at a local museum. It was noisy, and the museum was fairly busy. Embarrassing.


Congrats! You earned the Downright Liar badge.


*proud face* If I’m struggling to get the toddlers to co-operate so we can get out of the door at a reasonable time, I tell them we’re going to Peppa Pig World. We so aren’t. But it works.

Well done! You earned the Inappropriate Art award.

You go to an art gallery and your child sees some life art. It’s art right? It’s not too bad, just a painting of a middle aged lady with her bajinglies out. In fact, it’s just one picture among over 200. Your child has barely paid any attention to it, right? Wrong.  A couple of days later, when their teacher asks what they did at the weekend, they will draw it, bajinglies and all. In school. Well done indeed.

Congrats! You achieved the Mentally Scarring your Child For Life award.

I did. At Hornsea Mere, a local wildlife spot. Anyway, to cut a long story short, two of my children are not really as keen on ducks and geese as they were before. Or swans. Inconsiderate, feathered losers.

Hornsea March 2013 003
Geese. The epitome of evil.
Well done, you! You unlocked the Farted on by a Horse badge.


Do. Not. Ask.

And the one I want to achieve…..

Congrats! You unlocked the Getting to The Pub On Your Own badge.

I wish.

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