Playdale Farm Park, Scarborough, North Yorkshire

This weekend we visited Playdale Farm Park, just a few miles south of Scarborough in North Yorkshire, and we had an awesome afternoon.

Playdale Farm Park had a good mix of outdoor and indoor activities, and would be perfectly fine for a visit on a sunny or a rainy day, and suits children up to the age of 10.

The first thing we tried out was the outdoor play area, and it got the thumbs up from all four of the girls (aged from 4 to 10)

Play area at Playdale Farm Park

The sand play barn was a favourite with the four-year olds. It was under cover, very clean, and had a nice range of buckets, spades, and sit-on diggers.

Indoor sand pit at Playdale Farm Park

Next, we went to visit the small animals, including guinea pigs, quails, and some very noisy turkeys.

Small animal area at Playdale Farm Park

On to the larger animals, and we spent a lot of time feeding the ever-hungry goats with our animal feed (50p a bag from reception).

Feeding the goats at Playdale Farm Park

There were also other large animals in the main barn, including pigs, sheep and lambs, a trio of alpacas, and a pretend cow that you could ‘milk’. There is also a hatchery for the chicks, more guinea pigs, and some very friendly donkeys.

At 2pm, we sat and waited for the lamb feeding. They were brought out in pairs and everyone got a turn to hold the milk bottle while the lamb had a drink. They were very cute and well-behaved.

Feeding the lambs at Playdale Farm Park

As the sun was shining hard, we went to explore the outdoor attractions. This included a go-kart track with karts suitable for all ages. We spent a lot of time on this. There is more on my video (below).

Frisbee golf was a lot of fun though the wind did not help our scores. That’s my excuse anyway.

Frisbee golf at Playdale Farm Park

Next, we ventured back to the central area and tried out the ice-cream from the cafe. Very nice and not extortionately priced.

The large play barn was good for all ages, with a small soft play area for tots, a larger one for children up to 12 years old, and a pedal-kart area. Again, all lovely and clean and well-maintained.

Indoor play barn at Playdale Farm Park

The last stop was a much-anticipated visit to the straw barn, which we pretty much had to ourselves. All the girls loved the barn and we spent a long time brushing them down afterwards.

Straw play barn at Playdale Farm Park

Overall, Playdale Farm Park was a lot of fun.

Visit time – 5 hours

Admission – from £6 per person – under 2s are free!

The whole park was well laid out, signposted, clean, and well maintained.

At just over £40 for our family of three adults and four children for five hours of family fun, we thought it was great value.

We genuinely had no complaints at all. The staff were lovely and knowledgeable, everything was child-friendly, and there were lots of places to sit and eat, covered and uncovered.

I would highly recommend this to families with children aged from 2 to 10.

Playdale Farm Park is brown signposted from the A165 between Scarborough and Filey. It is at the end of a long track off Cayton Village. Don’t worry, you are going the right way! Keep following the signs. Car parking is plentiful and free.

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  1. The Playdale Farm Park looks like a fun day out and it’s not overly priced either. It’s nice for children (and adults) to be able to get up close to the animals, I’d probably spend all my time trying to feed the lambs or staring intently at the eggs in the hatchery (just in case).


    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      No it was very reasonable for a full day out I thought. The baby chicks were very addictive!

  2. Looks like a great day out if you have young children. I’d struggle to get my son out of the sandpit!

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      I always find dragging and shouting works!

  3. I love those Go Carts, when we were having problems with our train this was going to be the replacement, now the train is running fine but I still want the Go Carts too! Looks like a lovely day out and perfect for 0 – 10 as you say. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      No problem. Happy to join in 🙂

  4. looks like a fab visit and such a reasonable price as well

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      It was fab! Thank you for commenting

  5. That does look like a good day out and good value too. I love bottle-feeding lambs!
    Thanks for adding this review to #AnimalTales

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      No problem. I love Animal Tales.

  6. The lambs look adorable.

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      They were. Very friendly and happy to be fed by the children

  7. What a fab looking adventure. We will have to visit this place one day when we go to scarborough! Angela xx

    Angela recently posted “Procrastination A Bloggers Worst Enemy”

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      You should. It’s one of the best days out around Scarborough I think

  8. Outdoor play, sand & animals – looks like just the kind of day my kids would love! Glad to know it was tidy too.. it’s so terrible to take the kids places where there are animals when you feel that the animals aren’t well looked after. Thanks for sharing and linking up with #YorkshireFamily

    1. KidsDaysOutReviews

      Thanks for commenting. #YorkshireFamily is great and no doubt I will be back very soon

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