Happy Harris Families

Playing Happy Families with Go For It Games

Happy Families have been reinvented by Go For It Games, and we have been sent a pack to try out. Sadly, our surname is not one which is yet catered for, but we love playing card games, and these little packs are just perfect for a travel game for children and families. We were sent the Harris family pack to look at. 

Happy Harris Families

The packs are small – which makes them even easier for travel – bright, fun, and good quality. As in the traditional Happy Families game, there are four cards in each set – a Mr Harris, a Mrs Harris, a Miss Harris, and a Master Harris. Each set of four is themed – for example, Mrs Harris at Christmas, and the aim is to get the full set of four on each theme. Whoever gets the most sets by the end of the game is the winner

The pack includes instruction cards for both Happy Families and the simpler Go Fish, as well as some blank cards so you can make your own set of Harris family cards.

Rules of Happy Families

The cards contain facts about the name Harris, and I can imagine they would be extra fun for people who are actually called Harris. The other names available right now are……

Clark            Evans          Green          Jackson          Wilson         Roberts
Jones           White          Robinson      Lewis              Harris            Hall
Williams       Thomas      Thompson    Johnson          Martin           Moore
Brown          Wright           Smith            Taylor            Turner          Walker

Is your family’s surname above?

We had a lot of fun playing with the cards on our North Yorkshire trip. This is us in Grinton Lodge YHA playing them. We’re not cheating at all, honest!

Playing Happy Families Children playing Happy Families Children cheating at card games

I love the cartoon depictions on the cards, which show a range of families called Harris. The situations are very familiar to families like ours!

Mrs Harris and Mr Harris Happy Families Card Game

Happy Families

We had a lot of fun playing the games of Happy Families and Go Fish, and they are a great addition to our essential travel kit.

Well recommended, especially if you’re a Harris, or you know someone who is.

Go For It Games will give you 10% off with the code DAYSOUT until 24th December 2016 – go to https://www.goforitgames.co.uk/ to buy

The new Special Edition Happy Families Card Games – Daysout promo from GoForItGames.com on Vimeo.

Disclosure – we were sent a pack of cards to try, and I get a small % of any cards that you buy using my discount code.

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