Soft play areas in Hull and Beverley, East Yorkshire

As parents of young children, we have spent a lot of time in soft play areas. These are our pick of the ones we visit in and around our home town of Hull in East Yorkshire. 
In no particular order…..

1) RascalzPossibly our favourite one, mainly due to the sofas and the pretty good food bar. There is a baby and toddler area, which is quite small but challenging enough for under 3s, and a large three-storey bit for the older kids. A big bumpy slide, a football area, and zip-wire type things which always go down well with my children. It’s generally very clean, the food comes out quite quickly, and it’s not too expensive. 

There is also an extra room where they put on activities for older children. Sometimes you have to pay extra for these, sometimes they are included. The last time we went it was those giant hamster ball things, which were free of charge.

Rascalz is near the town centre in a very industrial area. Parking is limited but you can park on the nearby streets for up to two hours on weekdays, and as long as you want on a weekend.
2) Big FunFor play for older children, you can’t beat this one. They hire it out to adult groups after hours. It is truly massive and has death slides and trampolines. There is a pretty good toddler area too. I’ve never seen it absolutely rammed full and there’s always plenty of seating available. Lots of parking too. 

It can get quite expensive and they are strict on the ages. They also are quite tight on the wristband sessions, even when it’s almost empty, which always confuses me. The food is pretty ropey but has got better recently. 

3) Little MonkeysJust up the road from Big Fun is Little Monkeys. It is a soft play area inside a private sports complex. Lots of parking and quite central, it’s very popular. It can get very busy inside though and sometimes you have to fight for a table, although you can sit in the adjoining bar if you want to. The indoor football pitch immediately next to the soft-play can create some language issues though, be warned. 

There is a good toddler bit but you do have to turf the older, rougher kids out from time-to-time. The main bit is two storeys with the usual slides and net bridges. Food choice is pretty average and the waiting times can vary. 

Little Monkeys often do coupon deals, so it’s worth watching out for these, although they are not the most expensive play area in Hull to start with. Worth a visit or two.

4) Mega Funthis is brand new in Beverley, just up the road from Hull. It’s spanking and lovely and clean. There is a good baby bit, a toddler bit, and a massive bit with a death slide, which is opened periodically with a fanfare and it’s a bit of an event. There is loads of parking and seating, though it does sometimes fill up. The food is very good for a soft-play area but the queues are very slow and, especially when they are super busy, the time it takes the food to come out is too long. But they are getting better. The staff are all local mums and dads and a bit friendlier and helpful than the usual disinterested teenager. 

It’s a little bit more expensive than the Hull play areas, but it is worth the extra, especially if it saves the four mile drive to the nearest one in Hull…..which is……
5) Jst4fun – (no website I could find for this one). The postcode is HU7 0YQ. This has had a lot of changes of ownership over the years but has been recently refurbished. There is a good baby and toddler bit. The kids play zone is really high (I think it’s four storeys at one point) with a good choice of slides. The table provision is quite poor and this place can get very busy. There are two smallish car parks but parking is allowed on the roads around it. 

Food is ok and not too expensive.

Mentions also to ones we have visited but are not regulars for us.

Blue Kangaroo is a small pleasant kind of place on Finkle Street in Cottingham. There’s not much wrong with it but it’s a very small play frame and my older children were unimpressed. Great for tots, and as a meeting place for parents of Cottingham who don’t fancy getting in the car every time. Parking is limited. 

Kinderland is ok. But it’s pretty same-old and is too far for us to make it worth the bother when there are slightly better ones a lot nearer. The only time we went, the staff were a bit surly and we couldn’t get a table because all the free ones had been reserved for a party – only they hadn’t and the staff had closed them off because they didn’t want customers sitting at them and dirtying them again. Apart from that, it’s ok. A few ball pools for the toddlers and quite a good sensory play area. Same-old for the older children. Incorporates a photo parlour, so handy if you want some portraiture done. 

People of East Yorkshire, what do you think? Which are your favourites?


Written by Joanne Brady

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