The Treasure House Beverley

The Treasure House, Beverley, East Yorkshire

The Treasure House in Beverley is a council-run building which incorporates lots of things, including the main public library. 
Our favourite bit to visit is the museum and art galleries, which are on the first floor. It is a great way to pass an hour, especially on rainy days. 

The first room is full of exhibitions about local history. There are some displays of local artefacts, old pictures of life in the East Riding of Yorkshire through the years, and some interactive things for the children to do, including dressing up as a Roman, or finding out about how place names are constructed and what they mean.
The Treasure House Beverley The Treasure House Beverley The Treasure House Beverley The Treasure House Beverley The Treasure House Beverley
There is also a little art table with pictures of artefacts and lots of crayons.
Next door, there is an art gallery showing art donated by local notables over the years, or inspired by the East Riding. It’s a small space with art of many different types. Here, modern art sits next to classical art quite easily.
Through to the rear gallery, and this is a more flexible space with temporary exhibitions of different types. The last time I went was animal sculptures made out of leather, this time it is all about heads.
The Treasure House has a nice little cafe on the first floor, with a lift and easy access to everywhere. There are toilets with baby changing on the ground floor. Parking is non-existent, but there are free parking bays around this part of town – some are one hour, some are two hour. Longer-term, paid-for parking is available around Beverley town centre and well signposted. It is about a ten minute toddle from the bus station. 
It’s a fab way of passing an hour, especially in wet weather.
You can find out more from the council website.
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