Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park, Filey, North Yorkshire

Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park is a relatively new attraction, having opened to the public in 2008.
It is not as big as other children’s farms we have visited but we were very impressed with its range of animals, its cleanliness, and its informal atmosphere.

Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park is a fab place to spend the morning or afternoon, and is a few minutes drive from the local holiday parks Primrose Valley, Reighton Sands, and Blue Dolphin.
I got a deal off Groupon a few weeks before, so it would have been rude not to visit, no?
The park is easily missable off the A1039 just north-west of Filey (there is a campaign to get them a brown sign – please sign the petition), so take care. The car park is ample. It’s quite a walk from Filey town centre, and buses do go that way but it might mean a bit of walk to and from the nearest bus stops (unless you get a kindly bus driver). Check out their website (link at the bottom) for more information.
Anyway…..there are a range of animals to look at, including goats, sheep, guinea pigs, pigs, chickens, ducks, and some very noisy turkeys.

There are some areas to explore, like the butterfly and flower meadows, and a copse made of willow.

Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park

The formal garden is immaculate and has an impressive range of flowers, and a secret garden through a little door. 

This area contains the small bird aviaries with a range of budgies and canaries, and a dove house.
At the far end of the park, there is a little playground, with swings, a sandpit and a slide down from the top of a little hill. There are also some picnic benches here, as well as benches dotted around other parts of the park.
Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park

There is a great sensory area with things to smell, look at, and listen to. The touch boxes were much fun!

On the day we visited, this is what the sky looked like (below). We had to run for cover a few minutes after this photo was taken. We sheltered in the cafe and had ice-cream. There wasn’t much to do while it was raining, and it did rain heavily, but there were a few places to sit it out. Considering the wet weather we’ve had recently, the park wasn’t at all boggy, despite most of the walkways being grass rather than hard-surface. 


The facilities were basic (like this toilet block below) but very, very clean. The cafe was reasonable and had tables inside as well as out. There are some lovely views over the horse field from the outside seating area.


The park passed our rigourous double buggy test!!

For more information, you can visit their website at Filey Bird Garden

Trip time – 2 to 3 hours
I got my entry at a reduced price on Groupon (Hull). If you fancy a visit, have a look and see if you can do the same.
I leave you with a poem, found in the secret garden.
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5 thoughts on “Filey Bird Garden and Animal Park, Filey, North Yorkshire

  1. Grace says – This looks such an awesome place. I love the idea of a secret garden too. Looks like you all had a fab time xx #animaltales

  2. What a lovely place and that poem is perfect. I loved the photo of the Budgie. We used to have a blue budgie called Joey. Believe it or not, my Grandfather brought this for me and my mum the day I was born!!! Just what she needed. Joey lived for 15 years. Great post #animaltales

  3. That sounds like the sort of lower key place that is sometimes just as much fun to visit as the big zoos and wildlife parks. Did they ever get their brown sign? THanks for linking up with #AnimalTales again.

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