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#TeamHonk for Sport Relief in Hull and East Yorkshire

on Sunday 23rd March 2014, the #TeamHonk baton reaches John O’Groats. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, where have you been?

The baton set off in January and it has been taken on an epic journey up and across the British Isles. It has done over 3000 miles, over 38 regional legs, involving over 200 members of the UK blogging community plus a veritable host of willing volunteers. Continue reading
Penguins at The Deep Hull

Meeting the new penguins at The Deep, Hull

The Deep is somewhere we have visited many, many times. It is the biggest attraction in our region and gets thousands of visitors every month. You can see my review of The Deep here.
With the twins recovering from chicken pox and needing somewhere to burn off some energy on a windy day, we decided to go again and have a look at The Deep’s latest arrivals – four Gentoo penguins. So with our own penguins in tow, off we went.

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