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Drusilla’s Park, Alfriston, East Sussex

Drusillas Park is a small zoo in Alfriston, East Sussex, aimed particularly at young children. I have very fond memories of it, as we used to go there a lot when I was younger. Although billed as a zoo, there is a lot more there to see and do, and we had a lovely day when we visited recently with our 4 year old and almost 2 year old.

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Burnby Hall Gardens, Pocklington, East Yorkshire

This post has been updated – see Burnby Hall Gardens, East Yorkshire for our visit in 2021

Burnby Hall Gardens and Museum is in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, just off the A1079 south-east of York. It is the grounds of an old stately home, and it is absolutely beautiful. It is hidden behind walls and housing in the centre of Pocklington, and there are few clues as to what lies inside. It is somewhere I have been meaning to visit for years, having driven by it several (hundred) times on my way to York, and I’m sorry we haven’t been before, because we had the most wonderful time.
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Taking a holiday to Walt Disney World with small children

A guest post from Jennifer.

The prospect of taking young children on a transatlantic flight, the associated jet lag, not to mention the fact that a holiday to Florida is expensive – these are reasons enough reasons to put most UK parents off attempting a holiday to DisneyWorld. But we’ve managed it twice now with our two pre-school aged children, and even though their memories may fade, we have all had a fantastic time. 

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ParcPlay, Cardiff

I’m not sure if we’re just extra lucky in Cardiff, but I’ve never come across a place like ParcPlay anywhere else. It looks unpromising from the outside, sitting on the riverbank behind the station and in amongst warehouses, garages and storage centres. But once you’re through the wooden gates, it’s a different story entirely – wooden climbing frames, slides, a zip wire, a table tennis area, a BIG sandplay area with a pirate ship and even a fenced off quarter for under 5s to go if they get a bit overwhelmed by the big stuff. Half of the area is covered, though not enclosed, so you can tick off the ‘fresh air’ bit even if it’s raining.

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