The Railway Children at Hull Truck Theatre

This year’s seasonal family show (it is NOT a panto) at Hull Truck Theatre is The Railway Children. We were invited to the press night to go and take a look, and we are very pleased that we did. This is rescheduled from 2020 and I think we can forgive them as well, you know, pandemic and all that, and because it’s a gem of a show which is perfect family entertainment and could be their best yet.

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YHA London Central, London

Over the summer, we decided to take advantage of lots of people avoiding the big cities and made a trip down to London. The twins were desperate to go again and see more of what we didn’t see on previous trips. We will run out of things to see at some point, I’m sure, though I’m an adult and still haven’t seen everything myself!

For our stay, we opted to stay with YHA (again!). I love YHA and YHA London Central didn’t disappoint. Previously we have stayed at YHA St Pauls in London as well as other YHAs around the UK.

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Lone Flyer at Hull Truck Theatre

Thank you to Hull Truck Theatre for inviting us to see their latest show Lone Flyer: The Last Flight of Amy Johnson. It was a much welcomed return to the theatre for us. It’s been far too long!

Lone Flyer is a two-man/woman play all about the life of Hull’s famous pilot Amy Johnson. Amy is played by local born actress Louise Willoughby and everyone else (Amy’s father, her first love, her husband, her engineer friend, and even her best friend Winifred) is played by the very versatile Benedict Salter.

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Burnby Hall Gardens, East Yorkshire

It’s been a while since we last visited Burnby Hall Gardens in East Yorkshire. We went there in 2013 and you can read our review here. I remember thoroughly enjoying our visit and thinking what a beautiful place it is and wondered why it had taken me so long to visit in the first place. Going back this week, I still feel exactly the same. There have been some improvements made but it is essentially, reassuringly, the same Burnby Hall Gardens I remember from 8 years ago.

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5 ways to make your attraction family friendly

Years of taking my famiily around days out and attractions around the UK has taught me many things – one of which is that places which sell themselves as ‘family friendly’ are often way off the mark. Having parent and baby parking and chicken nuggets on the menu does not cut it. Not every place can truly call itself family friendly.

Today, we have a guest post from Carly Straughan of QLINE Consulting, an experienced tourism consultant who has spent years helping attractions to be able to cater for their target markets.

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East Park, Hull, East Yorkshire

During the Summer holidays of 2020 – you know, the one we will remember forever as the longest school holidays ever – we were invited to East Park in Hull to try out the paid attractions.

East Park is a great place to visit. I was brought up a short walk from here and have witnessed the changes over the years. It’s better than ever before and is a lovely place for a family day out.

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