Cliffords Tower, York, North Yorkshire

Clifford’s Tower in York is the keep of the old York Castle. It has a very long history and has been used for a variety of things, including a debtors prison. It is now owned by English Heritage and is one of Yorkshire’s most popular tourist attractions, mainly for the stunning views of York it affords.

Cliffords Tower York



The first thing you will notice about Clifford’s Tower is that it’s not very pram friendly. This attraction is not very good for babies and toddlers. 


The view of the castle museum from Clifford's Tower, York

My two older girls (aged 8 and 5) went for the St George’s Day celebrations with their Grandma. She is an English Heritage pass holder which means not only does she get in free, but she can take up to six children with her too. Sorted.

Cliffords Tower York

They went on a treasure hunt to find miniature dragons which had letters on them. The letters spelt out a phrase. It kept the girls busy for a while. They really enjoyed it.

They looked at a model of how the castle used to be.

Cliffords Tower York

They had a bit of a look out of the windows over York.

Cliffords Tower York

Cliffords Tower York

And then they borrowed some things from the gift shop to recreate the tale of St George and the dragon. The things you can get away with when you go out with grandparents!

Cliffords Tower York

Then they climbed the steps all the way back down again, and fed the geese and their young goslings in the River Ouse.

All in all, they had a great day out, and I got to catch up on some of my own work. Win!

Info – There is limited parking at the Tower (pay and display) but it gets very full. You are better off parking in one of the nearby public car parks and walking over. 

Tickets are £4.20 for adults with concessions, or free with an English Heritage pass. It is open from 10am with different closing times depending on the year.

Top tip – there are no toilets on site (damn those Norman invaders and their lack of planning), so go before you go.

You can get more information from the English Heritage website.

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One thought on “Cliffords Tower, York, North Yorkshire

  1. I’m born and bred York and still have friends and family there. As often as I’ve been back, though. I can quite honestly say I’ve never actually been inside Clifford’s Tower so it’s been interesting to see your pictures!
    I’ve walked up and down the steps and walked past it millions of times.
    Next time I’m there I’ll have to have a nosey inside as well…

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