Book review: Create Your Own Confidence: Activities to build children’s confidence and self-esteem

This last couple of weeks, we have been lucky enough to have been able to take a look at a couple of books written by our very good blogging friend Becky Goddard-Hill, the brand new Create Your Own Confidence and Be Confident, Be You; the Teenage Guide.

These books are written for children and young adults to help with self-esteem, confidence, and mindfulness. With an epidemic of mental health problems across many sectors of society, I can’t help feel that these books can be nothing but positive.

Create Your Own Confidence: Activities to build children’s confidence and self-esteem by Becky Goddard Hill

This book is brand new. It is aimed at children aimed from 7 – 12 years and I think this is about right. It is bright, has some fantastic illustrations and very accessible language. There are activities to do, some using the book and some not, and a lot of help in understanding the theory behind emotions and behaviour. The book is highly engaging and easy to read.

I think my favourite page is this one where Becky uses the example of a duck in explaining how to overcome fears. I have never seen a duck used in a children’s psychology book before but I am all for it. More things should be explained with ducks.

I asked my children to tell me what they liked about this book……

R, aged 12 said “I love the book Create Your Own Confidence because it made me feel more mindful and understand why people might be sad etc.

It also helped me with my breathing and how to feel relaxed when angry. Sometimes when I see people in my school I get angry but this book helped suggest breathing exercises to be calm.

I also like how some of the pages have interactive things such as: colouring in, writing feelings and circling stuff!

I am more than half way and I read it every night before I sleep. It is very good and a person who never reads, this book is fun.”

You can learn more about this wonderful book at Create Your Own Confidence on Amazon

Be Confident, Be You; the Teenage Guide by Becky Goddard-Hill

Be Confident, Be You is similar to Create You Own Confidence but for pre-teens and teens. It is aimed at young people who are 12 years +, which again I think is about right. My older teen would probably not be overly patronised by the content and I also found it very engaging and insightful as an adult.

To reflect the older kid vibe, there’s more in this book about building confidence in areas that would be beneficial professionally, such as public speaking and finding motivation. If this had been around when I was a teenager, I know I would have relished it.

I asked the other 12-year old to take a look at this one.

E, aged 12 said “I like how this book is actually helpful, because school just tells kids to come to them if they have a problem/if they are upset, but most teenagers aren’t comfortable doing that, and this book shows you what actually helps.

I like how there was quotes at the top of every page, because quotes make it easier to remember things. For example, I probably won’t remember; “If you avoid life, you can’t solve everything you want to, so you need to do something about it.”

However, I might remember: “You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” So when I need to fix something, I would always remember that quote. (page 70/chapter 14.)

I also like how it makes you feel understood when you read it, such as: how it says percentages, for example: ‘90% of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform.’ Even though it might not be 90%, it makes you feel like you are relatable to people your age.”

You can learn more about this book and buy it at Be Confident, Be You on Amazon

Thank you to Becky and her team for letting us take a look at these. We have enjoyed them and am sure we have learned some things which will be of benefit to our own mental well-being now and in the future.

Disclosure – we were sent copies of this book in return for our honest opinion


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