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Smart Phone Solution Bicycle First Aid Kit

Review: Smart Phone Solution Bicycle First Aid Kit

SJ Works have kindly sent me a Smart Phone First Aid Kit for my bicycle to try out. It’s a first aid kit which attaches to my bike and also has a pouch for my phone. It’s a good addition to our cycling kit. Luckily, we’ve not needed it so far this year, but I look forward to getting out and about on my bike in the new year where hopefully, I won’t need it either. But better safe than sorry!

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Review: I Spy books from Michelin

I have been sent these little I Spy books to review. To be honest, they’re not much good to me – I was sent them for Cambridge and the Isle of Wight, two places I’m nowhere near – so we haven’t tested them in action, but I can see that they would be fabulous for anyone thinking of going somewhere new and wanting to find all the good spots. Continue reading