YHA Grinton Lodge Yorkshire

YHA Grinton Lodge, Richmond, North Yorkshire

As a family of six, we can rarely find a hotel to suit our needs. We end up getting two standard rooms and have to sleep one adult and two children per room. Either that or upgrade to a very expensive suite.

Whenever we go away as a family, we tend to get a self-catering cottage, or we camp. But as much as we love camping, I don’t (and won’t) do it all year round. At Easter, the choice was between two rooms in a Travelodge on the side of the A1 in North Yorkshire, or to try a Youth Hostel from YHA. We decided it was time to give a youth hostel a go, and we are so glad that we did!

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Kids Days Out Reviews Linky

Didn’t we have a lovely time? #DWHALT – August 2016

And in the blink of an eye, we’re halfway (or more) through the summer holidays. What have you been doing?

We’ve been pretty busy with a trip to Brussels to see the sights and to visit Mini-Europe. Back in the UK, we’ve mostly been hanging out at home, being bridesmaids at the wedding of the year, and prepping for some days coming up, including a trip to Harry Potter studio tours, and a camping trip to Devon. Continue reading

5 things to do in Brussels

5 things to do in Brussels

In July, we went to Brussels. We chose Brussels as it’s somewhere the 12 year old hadn’t been before, and it’s a short two hour Eurostar ride from London. Brussels isn’t that big – it’s not quite as big as London or Paris. It has a very cosmopolitan feel without too many of the big city problems. Even though our trip encompassed Belgian National Day, it wasn’t very busy and getting accommodation and around the city was easy. Continue reading