Feature: Go ape with Go Ape!

There’s no team like a family, and there’s nothing better for team-building than experiencing thrills and peril together. If your idea of a great day out is more monkey-madness than goat-gazing, then please take a look at Go Ape

Go Ape have twenty-nine locations all around the UK – some of them even have a junior experience for under 10s. Go Ape have a 2-3 hour Tree Top Adventure where you can climb, abseil and swing through the trees like Monkeys. Have a look at the video and you’ll get the idea. You can also do Segway riding if you prefer to stay more earth-bound.
Go Ape looks like a great day out for all the family. This is something you can take part in with your children if you want to and become part of their memories – even if those memories include you dangling twenty feet in the air squealing like a big wuss. Oh, how they will laugh and want to tell all their friends about this one!

The Tree Top Adventure is suitable for anyone over the age of 10 and over 1.4m tall. Any adventurous under 10s can do Tree Top Junior (available at five locations). Adult adventurers are required as supervision for younger children.
Go Ape have sites in twenty-nine locations including in Yorkshire, Hampshire, Chester, Wales, Edinburgh, and there is even one in London. No two locations are the same and have gorgeous scenery as well as foresty fun. They are open from February to November every year. 
We haven’t been to try one out yet (although a visit is in the pipeline – stay tuned) but we think it looks awesome and a lot of fun. 
Go Ape would make a great birthday party or end-of-term treat. It is also good for corporate days out and team-building exercises with work colleagues. If you don’t fancy it yourself, you can buy gift vouchers for your little adventurers and their adults instead. They’ll thank you for it forever, honest!
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  1. I have been to Go Ape a good few years ago now and loved it! I can’t wait until Sophie is old enough to go x

    1. It looks ace. We have a review coming up and I’m starting to regret saying someone else can do it. 🙂

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