We were invited to go and try out the new look Pleasurewood Hills and we were very impressed. Pleasurewood Hills has been a popular family attraction in Suffolk for 30 years and has recently had a refurbishment programme to make the park as good as in its hey-day.

Pleasurewood Hills Suffolk
The day we went it was looking a bit stormy. We hoped it would pass over. Optimistically, we went on the new pedalos. Well, I made Dad go on with the older two while I watched with the toddlers. Then the heavens opened and I made a dash for the gift shop and waited for them to finish.
The rain got heavier and heavier. The gift shop got very full. 
The staff opened the parrot show auditorium so we could all go and shelter. They brought a parrot out to entertain us for a while.
The rain cleared up after about half-an-hour and it was glorious! Apart from the odd puddle you’d never have guessed it was like a monsoon earlier.
Then we cracked on and decided to make the most of what we could in-case the rain started again.
There are more than two-dozen rides at Pleasurewood Hills and even on what I assume was a quiet day because of the earlier rain, we didn’t have time to go on everything. 
We went on the Veteran cars, the Pleasurewood Ponies, and Tales of the Coast which, although nothing moves, can be a bit scary for younger children.

We loved the Sky Hooks swing chair ride….

……and the beautiful horse carousel

My five-year old’s favourite ride? The Snake in the Grass. We had to go on it twice in a row. I didn’t feel at all scared on it, honest. Or sick for at least an hour afterwards. It was very good actually, possibly the best family coaster I’ve been on.

Pleasurewood Hills Suffolk

There are loads of other rides at Pleasurewood Hills, and lots for older, braver people to try out, such as the Wipeout…..

….and the brand new flagship attraction Hobs Pit. Looked far too scary to me. I shall take Pleasurewood Hill’s word for it that it’s a fantastic thing to see.
Courtesy of Pleasurewood Hills

My nine-year old’s favourite ride was the log flume. Double drop. Lots of water. 

In between all this we managed to fit in some lunch in The Merry Mariner. Usual theme park choice and prices but surprisingly big portions and pretty good quality.
….and we fit in all three shows. There is the obligatory parrot show (which has a parrot riding a bike so is by rights, “awesome”), a magic show by Britain’s Got Talent’s Sean Alexander (which I am informed by my nine-year old was “excellent”), and a fun sea lion show, where my kids got wet all over again.
The seal lion show at Pleasurewood Hills

We also tried out the cable car and the requisite perimeter train ride.

A quick visit to the children’s playground before the park closed at 6pm.

We had had a fabulous day. I was very impressed with the park layout. It was nice and spacious and very pram friendly. Toilets were well-stocked and there was always a block within range. Good choice of eating areas and plenty of places to have a picnic. The whole park was clean and the staff were really nice.


There was a Woody and friends Birthday Parade Show (the park’s mascot) at 1pm but we missed it because we were still eating lunch, so we were pleased to catch him and a friend on the way out.


All in all, we had a brilliant time and wish Pleasurewood Hills all the best for the next 30 years!

Pleasurewood Hills is off the A12 north of Lowestoft in East Anglia.

For more information you can visit their website – Pleasurewood Hills

Disclosure – we were given complimentary entry in order to do this review. We paid for the food and extras ourselves.


Joanne and the girly gang review family days out around the UK and beyond, with a little help from their friends.

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