This is a guest post from Meredith, aged 9, and is an entry into the MAD Blog Awards 2014 Kid Blog of the Year.

My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is…visiting somewhere new with my family.

Here’s what we did when we visited Fort Paull, on the East Yorkshire coast. 

Fort Paull

Today we visited Fort Paull in Paull, East Yorkshire. It is an outdoor museum about war life. There is a small patch of grass on the way in. This is the car park. 

If you would like to see opening times and prices please visit:

Buying food is possible. When you come in there is a bar and to the far left is a train café. Little sweet machines are on the way in.
There are toilets which are basic and need a clean. There is baby changing, located in the woman’s’ toilet.
There is an amazing playground located in the entrance including a giant inflatable slide, pipes to crawl in, and swings.
In the above photo there is a plane that would drop bombs in WW2. You can go inside this plane and see dummies dropping bombs. Also, inside the plane you can learn about pilots in war and medals they could earn.  Warning – it stunk of sweaty feet on the top floor! The displays mainly went in time order. Apart from where they did WW2 before WW1.
This is a model of an air raid shelter. The model in the corner is a bit rotten. This is in most of the displays. This is because Fort Paull is not allowed to change anything. (don’t ask me why)
Lots of the displays were unsuitable for very young children, many involving blood and death.
 Also I think parents need to know that the way into the underground exhibits there are extremely steep steps. Fort Paull is mainly outdoors so weather permitting, though you can do things if it rains.
I am doing WW1 in school and it helped me understand what things would have looked and smelt like.
My 6 year old little sister thought this “I thought it was quite good but quite disgusting in some places”
That really sums up Fort Paull and would recommend it to gory loving 5-9 year olds. Bye! 


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