Little Fun Fest, York Maze, September 2013

Today, we have been at Little Fun Fest at York Maze. We’ve had loads of fun and done some fabulous things. There was so much to do that we didn’t get chance to do everything. There were shows constantly from 11am over two different stages, a fun-fair, various characters wandering about to meet, and most of the usual York Maze attractions. The shows were packed with familiar (and less familiar) faces including Alex, Mister Maker, and Mr Bloom from CBeebies, and children’s entertainers such as That Poetry Bloke, and puppets from Phil Fletcher. 

I’ve written about York Maze before, so I won’t bombard you with all the details. Instead, here’s our photos from today. If you have funsters under 10 who like CBeebies, Harry Potter, singing and dancing, and general mayhem, they’ll love Little Fun Fest. Watch out for one near you soon!

Little Fun Fest York Maze
We tested the fun-fair extensively (all included in the entrance price)
Little Fun Fest York Maze
We met the stars, including the York Maze mascot Kernel.
Little Fun Fest York Maze
We learnt circus skills, including tightrope walking
Little Fun Fest York Maze
We went on our favourite York Maze thingy-me-bobs
Little Fun Fest York Maze
Had our faces painted by the most fantastic artist (£1.50 extra each).
Little Fun Fest York Maze
We went to Wizards School to make some magical things and watch the sorting hat in action
Little Fun Fest York Maze
Then we tootled off to meet Alex from CBeebies…..
Little Fun Fest York Maze
…….and Mister Maker……..
Mr Bloom
….and Mr Bloom. 

What I loved about Fun Fest was that there was no hanging around – the longest we waited for anything was around 15 minutes for the face painting. There were enough people without it being ram-packed. There was a lovely informal, family atmosphere. Stars mingled among the guests – at one point I caught a glimpse of Spiderman on the bouncing pillow with some boisterous funsters. 

We loved our latest trip to York Maze, and our funsters had the most a-maize-ing time!

Disclosure – we were given complimentary tickets to attend this event. 

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  1. What a fun packed day you all had! The girls looked so happy and their face painting was lovely. They must have been so excited to meet the characters and celebrities. Thanks for linking up and sharing their fun with Country Kids.

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