Tropical World, Leeds, West Yorkshire

Tropical World is a very established and popular indoor tropical plants and animal house in Roundhay Park, on the north side of Leeds in West Yorkshire. It is perfect for a more inclement day, and a brilliant Autumn day out. 

Tropical World Leeds
Parking for Tropical World is on the park’s perimeter road (limited to four hours), or a five minute walk away at the official (free) car park. It does get very busy though, although there is parking on the park’s roads if you’re able to walk a little. There is a great playground next to the car park if you want to burn off a bit of energy before or after your visit.
Roundhay Park Leeds
Entrance to Tropical World for our party (three adults, two children, and two under-fives) was £14.
There are lots of tropical plants and flowers to investigate, and a collection of animals including a group of crocodiles, tortoises, and fish. 
Animals at Tropical World Leeds
There are also butterflies. There weren’t very many when we were there, but the ones that were about were huge. One big blue one kept circling around and looked like it was going to dive bomb us. It was going too fast for me to get a photo which I am disappointed about as it was gorgeous.
There are tropical birds such as ibis and parakeets up in the treetops. Don’t stand under them for too long! 
My girls’ favourite bit was the meerkats. They are in a glass enclosure and you can see in from all sides.
Meerkats at Tropical World Leeds
Then there is a nocturnal zone with animals like bush babies. The fruit bats were fascinating and grotesque all at the same time. 
There is also a very lonesome golden tamarin.
Visit time – 1 to 2 hours.
Exit through the gift shop
Overall, it was a good value day out. The attraction looked tired in places, but I understand it’s been there for a very long time, and there is an ongoing refurbishment programme in place. What has been done recently is good.
Tips – 
There is a nice cafe next door, and outdoor picnic areas. There is a very limited amount of seats inside Tropical World so it’s difficult to picnic. Avoid food times whilst inside. 
Toilets are available halfway round but there is not enough of them. Baby changing facilities are basic.
Under fives are free and it’s actually a very good place to take toddlers. It’s very toddler-friendly. 
There are no steps within the attraction and it’s ok for a single buggy. I probably would have been able to get the double buggy round too but it would have been a nuisance for other guests in places. Avoid taking one if you can.
It’s hot inside so try and leave coats etc in the car. There are no lockers inside to store your things. 
For more information, please visit their website – Tropical World Leeds
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