Volcano Falls Adventure Golf, Xscape, Castleford, Yorkshire

Volcano Falls Adventure Golf Castleford

This Easter holidays we paid another visit to Xscape, Castleford. We were invited to try out Volcano Falls Adventure Golf, and their 3-way combo ticket, which is £10.99 per person for a round of golf, a spin on the Route 66 Dodgems, and a trip on the XD Experience.

Volcano Falls Adventure Golf Castleford


Volcano Falls Adventure Golf

We started with Volcano Falls Adventure Golf. This is 2 x 18 hole courses, indoors, on a dinosaur world theme. It took around 45-50 minutes to get around one course of 18 holes with four children, which the website said it would. Our course – the T-Rex Trail – is over two levels with stairs to navigate. The other trail is all on one floor but it’s not pram-friendly as you have to walk over the playing areas to move on. I wouldn’t recommend taking a pram if you can help it.

Volcano Falls Adventure Golf Xscape

Our game of golf was a bit stressful – nothing to do with the course which was pretty good, well maintained, and just enough of a challenge for little golfers – but because each girl had their own idea of how to play, and the older two are horribly competitive. I apologise to anyone who got stuck playing ahead or just behind us on the day. As it turned out, the two older girls got exactly the same score, which vexed them immensely but turned out to be a blessing for us!

The twins certainly had their own playing style – one perfecting a technique of crawling on the floor with the club dragging the ball into the hole, and the other picking the ball up, placing it a few inches from the hole, putting it, and then declaring a hole in one. Cheat!

Do you want to watch a very painful video?

It was quite nice playing crazy golf indoors actually. It meant the greens were immaculate as they hadn’t been affected by the weather or strong sunlight. This would be a fantastic activity for a rainy day.

We didn’t get lucky on the 18th hole, so dropped our clubs back off and headed on up to the Route 66 Dodgems in the amusement arcade on the first floor.

Route 66 Dodgems

Route 66 dodgems at Xscape Castleford

The dodgems were really very good. They were new and in good condition so they actually turned, and sped up and down when they were supposed to. Again, being indoors has protected them from the effects of the weather, and it shows. No getting wet trousers from the seats, or driving a weather-beaten car.

In the deal you get one token per £10.99, but you only need one token per car, and for smaller children, you have to go in with them anyway. We had four tokens, and with the twins being under the height restriction, and the 7yo having to have an adult accompany her, we got two cars for two turns. They are the nicest dodgems we’ve been on in a long time.

The XD Experience

XD Experience at Xscape Castleford

The XD Experience is a simulator ride for up to ten people, for which you need 3D glasses. I sent the older girls on with Dad as I really didn’t fancy this one. It was a ride through a runaway canyon train type scene. The twins and I could watch the riders on a monitor outside the attraction. We could see the seats rumbling and moving.

The girls loved this ride, especially the 7yo who is a bit of a ride demon. We had one token left over – guess who went on again? They said it was a pretty good simulator and they really enjoyed it.

Xscape Castleford

There are lots of other things you can do at Xscape, including a cinema, a high-ropes adventure, and lots of eateries. On the day we visited, there was a bird of prey and reptile display, and you could pay to have your photo taken with a snake.

Family fun at Xscape Castleford

The twins’ favourite thing ever was the animal ride-ons. You paid £3 for 8 minutes on an electric animal. The twins are only four-years old, but they could drive them ok. Well worth the money. You can get multi-buy deals on the tokens, which is great value. No doubt we will do this again on our next visit to Xscape, which probably won’t be too far away.

For more information about Volcano Falls Adventure Golf and the 3-way combo ticket, please visit their website

See also our review of Snozone – another great activity you can do at Xscape


Xscape is off J32 of the M62. There is lots of parking but it can get very busy

There are lots of family-friendly restaurants in Xscape to suit all budgets

Toilets are in Xscape. There are none in each of the attractions named above.


Disclosure – we were sent 4 x combo passes to try out these attractions


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