Rock Up Hull

Rock Up Hull, East Yorkshire

Last week, we were invited to go and try out the new Rock Up Hull, which is in St Stephen’s in Hull city centre.

Here’s what the deputy editor (aged 12) had to say about it………

Rock Up Hull

“Rock Up Hull is a great family adventure extravaganza. With a wide variety of climbing walls, balls and poles, there’s something for everyone. The facilities are very clean and accessible, and there is a soft play for children too young to climb (8s and under). Another plus is that you don’t need to book – you can just Rock Up!

The climbing walls are a fun, challenging way to burn calories and enjoy yourselves. With a wide variety of difficulties, there’s something for everyone. Some climbing walls are traditional walls, with rocks jutting. What’s great about Rock Up is that they have also put a fun twist on climbing, by including walls with holes in, walls with pipes, and one with pockets, that you put sticks in to help you climb. 

Rock Up Hull review

Not only is it fun, it’s very safe too. Rock Up is more child-friendly than most climbing centres because the climbing walls are designed for smaller limbs. At the beginning, before you climb, you are given a special safety talk, about how to stay safe when abseiling, and when others are on the walls. When climbing, you are always safely clipped in to a harness. 

My favourite thing at Rock Up was the other things to climb on. When you go to Rock Up, there’s climbing walls, but there’s also other challenging, exhilarating structures to climb. These include The Stairway to Heaven; Mario pipe like structures, in a circle which increase in height. Then when you reach the top, jump down!

The Stairway to Heaven at Rock Up Hull

Another one is a bunch of balls stacked on top of each other, with grips to hold on to.  I loved it!”

Rock Up Hull St Stephens

Bookings can be made and is probably best during busy periods.

The first half hour is getting harnessed up and getting a talk on safe climbing. Then you get one hour on the walls under the supervision of the assistants.

There is a cafe inside, with plenty of seating in case you’d rather just drink coffee and watch!

For more information on Rock Up Hull, please visit their website at

Disclosure – we were guests at a preview session for the purposes of this review

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  1. Took my 5 year old son today he had a great experience all the staff were exceptional and the young man who served the food was even better great place for kids to go the best childrens place we have been to by a long way in hull customer service was out of this world thank yo

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