What did you do this summer

What did you do this summer?

Have your children gone back to school yet? Mine have another week, so of course I’m filling it with fun and educational days out, right? Erm, wrong. This week is all about catching up with sorting the school uniforms, and trying to restore some sort of routine ready for the 7am starts instead of the perhaps 9am or later than we seem to have slipped into. Oops.

What did you do this summer

While it’s been lovely having the children off school, I think we’re all ready for them to go back and for some sort of normality to resume. We’ve had a lot of fun but at some point I need to go back to giving clients the not-too-incompetent service they had been used to, and they need to be placed in separate rooms for six hours a day before they kill each other.

It’s a good time to look at what we’ve been doing this summer, including our Lake District Adventure, and our camping trip to Northumberland. I’m sure the children will have lots of happy memories to conveniently forget once they get back to school and are asked to write down their adventures in their news book, where they will tell of computer game sessions and lots of TV instead.

So distract me, readers. Tell me – what did you do this summer? There is a linky below where you can link up your favourite adventure you’ve had this summer. It can be a day trip to your local park, a weekend in Blackpool, or a six-week trek of East Asia. Tweet me your link at @daysoutblog using #summerfaves. There is a badge below if you want to use it.

I will RT, Pin, and share your posts. Once I’ve had a little lie down in a darkened room.

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    1. I am. A bit. But then we needed to get back to normal too. Shame we didn’t get so much nice weather this time 🙁

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