Bugtopia, Hornsea, East Yorkshire

Bugtopia Hornsea Review

This week, we paid a visit to the newly opened Bugtopia, which is in Hornsea Freeport, in East Yorkshire.

The chief deputy editor (the 12 year old) explains more……..

Bugtopia Hornsea Review

If your kids love bugs and crawlies, Bugtopia is the place for them! The expert bug handler shares knowledge on the creepy crawlies, while also giving you a chance to answer questions about the mini-beasts. A hands-on experience, lasting around 45 minutes, will ensure you are having a great time, but will also help you learn about the creatures.Meeting a cockroach at Bugtopia Hornsea

With a wide variety of creepy crawlies, there’s something for everyone, whether it’s learning about the defence mechanisms of a millipede, or holding a hairy tarantula, you and your children will be constantly entertained.

Meeting a scorpion at Bugtopia Hornsea


Price is currently £3 per person. We didn’t book but we got onto the next talk quite easily – they run every hour or so.


Bugtopia is located in Hornsea Freeport, opposite Neptune’s Kingdom. There are toilets nearby and you can park your pram inside the shop.

Your adventure begins by listening to an audio recording, of a professor in the jungle. Then, you sit down in a room, where the professor’s assistant brings out creepy crawlies, and gives you an informative talk about the animal, how it protects itself, where you would find it etc. Then, after listening to the talk, you have a chance to hold the animal. After handling the animal, the keeper puts the animal away, and swiftly brings out a new one.

Meeting a Millipede at Bugtopia Hornsea


Bugtopia is a great place to learn about animals, while also having fun. Overall great way to spend an hour!

Phase two with a creepy-crawlie walk through is opening soon.
Bugtopia at Hornsea Freeport Inside the classroom at Bugtopia Hornsea


For more information on Bugtopia, Hornsea you can follow them on Facebook here


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  1. What a fabulous experience! I can’t believe how big they are. This is the kind of thing i can’t wait for M to be old enough to enjoy. It looks great! #YorkshireFamily

  2. My boys would love this! They love bugs and are always finding things in the garden and putting them in under their microscopes. Are there any snakes?! #yorkshirefamily

  3. Both my kids love mini-beasts! They would love this! I don’t mind holding a creepy crawly myself. That’s an excellent price as well! #YorkshireFamily

  4. I am split between admiring these bugs up close and wanting to run a mile from that tarantula! I am fine with normal sized bugs but super-sized ones have a nasty habit of activating my flight mechanism! Looks like a great day out though for brave people! Thanks for adding this post to #AnimalTales

    1. Lovely to revisit this post and thank you for adding it to the 100th #AnimalTales. Incidentally my next #AnimalTales post is about insects but nothing as big as a tarantula!

  5. i dont mind looking at things like this and reading the information but I’m not comfortable handling them

  6. What an interesting experience Bugtopia must be for youngsters and adults alike, although I would probably freeze in terror if anyone came near me with a tarantula. Saying that, though, the younger children are exposed to creatures like that the earlier they learn that they aren’t that terrifying really.


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