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Wind in the Willows at York Theatre Royal, York

Yesterday we went to see York Theatre Royal‘s own production of The Wind in the Willows
The play tells the story of Mole, Ratty, Mr Toad, and Mrs Badger (yes, Badger is a Mrs in this production), and their woodland and riverbank acquaintances. It is people dressed as animals. The music is provided on stage by Mrs Otter, Mr Rabbit, and Mr Fox, and there are hedgehogs, rabbits, and weasels played by junior cast members. 

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Aliens Love Underpants Live!

On Sunday morning, we were up and out the door very early because we had a date with some Aliens! Seriously. We were off to see Aliens Love Underpants, based on the book by Clare Freedman and Ben Court at The Assembly Halls in Tunbridge Wells. We’ve had this book a few years and it has become a favourite bedtime book of ours, so the chance to see it transfer to the stage was very exciting indeed. The kids had a good read of the book before going and all the way to the theatre there was constant talk about PANTS! Pants are a hot topic in our house, with a certain little boy’s reluctance to wear them at the moment, or at least reluctance to keep them dry!

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