The Spa at Butlin's Skegness

The Spa at Butlin’s Skegness

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During our recent family holiday to Butlin’s Skegness, I was invited to try out The Spa. While I tend to focus on family activities, the chance to do something for me, for just a few hours is too much to resist. Well, would you say no?

The Spa at Butlins Skegness #review

The Spa is something I’ve been aware of at Butlin’s for a long time but I’ve never set a foot inside before. I was curious to see what was behind those doors, from a professional point of view. The three childfree hours followed by a facial had nothing to do with it of course. So in the name of independent journalism, I left the girls with my brilliant and very helpful parents and skipped off reluctantly made my way to the spa for the afternoon.

The Spa at Butlin’s Skegness

I had pre-booked my spa session directly with the spa staff. Booking is recommended, particularly for the busy season. I checked in at 1pm as planned. It was quick and easy. I was given a key to my locker where my essential items – towel, robe, and slippers – were waiting for me.

The Spa has a pool, a steam room (my favourite), a jacuzzi, a sauna, and lots of loungers and sofas. There are complimentary drinks, and a bar where you can buy extras such as cocktails if you want them. The spa was reasonably busy – there were around 30 people in here with me – a few men as well as ladies – a mix of couples, and groups of friends, as well as the odd lone patron.

I spent the first hour (at least) just sitting on a lounger. On my own. In peace. Doing nothing. It doesn’t happen often enough to be honest. After a while, I managed the trip to the bar to get myself some juice. Then I sat back down for a bit longer and contemplated having a little swim.

After a little while, I did have a swim and it was very nice though it seemed a bit weird swimming on my own, with no-one to hang off me/almost drown me, or to splash me in the face with an evil cackle. It was peaceful if not a little disconcerting. It’s like I’d almost forgotten that I had my own arms and I could actually swim.

The Spa at Butlin's Skegness

In the name of robust reporting, I made sure I tried out both the steam room and the sauna, in between spells of doing nothing of course. The steam room and sauna were a reasonable size, sitting about six people each. Mostly I was in on my own, but I did get a chatting buddy at one point too. We talked about stuff. Not children. It made a nice change, even if I couldn’t see her face for all the steam. There is also a bucket-tip thing so you can cool off. In the name of being a big wuss, I didn’t try this out. I opted for the nearby jacuzzi instead.

The steam room and sauna at The Spa Butlin's Skegness

After three hours of steaming, jacuzzing, and doing not much else, it was time to get a shower in the very nice changing rooms and head off for my facial.

The Spa at Butlin's SkegnessThe Spa at Butlin's Skegness

Spa Treatments at Butlin’s Skegness

My facial was done by a very talented therapist called Sasha in one of the luxury treatment rooms next to the spa area. It was 30 minutes of someone rubbing my face with ‘stuff’ while I listened to relaxing music.

Honestly, Sasha could have been putting anything on my face but I didn’t care. It felt amazing. She did my face, and while she was waiting for the mask to settle, she did my neck and shoulders too. I think I many have almost fallen asleep.

Spa treatments at the Spa Butlin's Skegness

When Sasha had finished it took me a couple of minutes to get back up again and in the land of the living. My skin felt baby-soft, and I can still feel the benefit of it four days later. I will try not to abuse/neglect it in the future, I promise.

I left at 5pm cleaner and more refreshed than when I arrived.

I would recommend the Spa at Butlin’s for all stressed parents as a break from the constant child-centric entertainment and just to get yourself a little treat – after all, you are on holiday too. I really enjoyed my spa afternoon. I did very little, achieved nothing, and planned zilch, and it was awesome. Such a change from my normal routine and some much-needed ‘me time’.

For more information about the Spa at Butlin’s Skegness, please check out their website at

Disclosure – I was a guest of the Spa at Butlin’s for this feature

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