Young Driver UK at Leconfield, East Yorkshire

Young Driver at Leconfield East Yorkshire

Last year, with thanks to Admiral’s Young Driver, we were able to give the girls their first driving experience – the oldest in a proper car, and the three younger girls in Firefly, a specially made car for under 10s. They loved it! 

In 2018, Young Driver UK is doing selected dates at Defence School of Transport in Leconfield, a short drive from where we live. Thanks again to Young Driver, the teen has today been for her second lesson.

Young Driver at Leconfield East Yorkshire

We found the driver school relatively easy – we are familiar with the camp already but the Young Driver flags and signs were a help too – look out for them on the A164 north of Beverley, East Yorkshire. The Young Driver area is quite a fair bit way into camp though. Something to consider if you were walking or using public transport.

The teen had her Young Driver record book from last time. When it came to our turn, our instructor Russ came to find us and had a look at her book to see what she covered last time and pick up from where the instructor at the Leeds centre had left off.

Again, there wasn’t a lot of time between getting in the car and setting off, which is great. They don’t spend too much time on theory and crack on with getting the kids out there.

Young Driver UK at Leconfield

She remembered a fair bit from last time but Russ did a quick refresher before pressing on to more advanced driving skills since the last lesson. With me in the back seat, we spent the half-hour tackling windy roads, side roads, stop signs, and three-point turns. We got up to some speed – I reckon it was at least 30mph at some points, and she did very well. There were a couple of stalls and some fiddling with the gears which meant a lapse in maintaining a straight line, but with the car having dual controls, there was nothing that Russ couldn’t step in with.

Here’s a video from her half-hour lesson.

Overall, another great use of 30 minutes which she thoroughly enjoyed. Here’s hoping even these few experiences can give her some appreciation for road safety for when she’s ready for proper driving lessons.

DST Leconfield is a great location for Young Driver and I’m sure it’ll be very popular here. The school was starting to fill up fast as we were leaving.

Learn more about Young Driver UK at Leconfield at

For a look back at our Young Driver trip to Leeds including Firefly for the under 10s, have a look at Learning road skills with Young Driver UK

Disclosure – we were again guests of Young Driver UK for the purposes of this review. Opinion is our own. Dented cones remain the property of Young Driver UK

Young Driver UK Leconfield

Young Driver at Leconfield in East Yorkshire


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